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I have been a photographer my whole life, ever since I was first given a camera by my father, when I was about 8. He was a stickler for getting the light right, we always had to pose for what seemed like eternity whilst he got his light metre out and check his SLR settings!


For me, it has always been about capturing what I see. It isn't about just about holding a camera, pointing it in the right direction and pressing a button. It's about seeing the picture before you pick up the camera and press the button. 

The world itself excites me, after living and working for 13 years in countries in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, it's given me the travel bug to explore even more. I've been lucky to travel in all continents except South America and Antarctica. I'm not great in the cold, so I won't be adding Antarctica to my list, but I would love to tour South America one day.

The beauty of modern technology allows me to play with each individual image. The creative process then becomes more like developing a work of art, rather than a photograph. The image captured, may be still, but the passion, feelings and emotions evoked within that stillness are completely alive.


St Albans, Hertfordshire


Royal Photographic Society

"Labrador Love" chosen to be the winning image for Feb 8th 2021 in the RPS weekly competition.

RPS winning image Emma Solomon LOVE
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