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It's always a pleasure working with families or individuals who are looking for lovely photos they can use to create artwork or other gifts for friends and family.


Or purchase one of our photo session gift vouchers that are valid for one year, as a unique and special gift for friends and family. 

Charlotte & Paul_emma_solomon_photography.jpg


Celebrate one of life's most precious moments. Maternity outdoor photography is a way of capturing this moment in your family's life. 


Celebrating pregnancy and following your journey into parenthood is just an incredible time that needs to be recorded - whether it's your first child or an addition to the family. 


Whether you are graduating from High School, College or University, having a private photographer is really one of the best ways of capturing the type of images you want, and taken in the place that you want them.

Black and white photograph of a undergraduate on his graduation day wearing gowns and mortar board



The key to building an audience and a connection with your customers is having an authentic and online presence that reflects you and your brand.


Having a collection of Personal Brand photographs will elevate your brand, define your authentic story and show your clients just who you really are.


Events & Retreats

You might be organising a retreat or a day event and need to capture elements of the day. My style is documentary in that I will take a fly-on-the-wall view of the day, and try to be as invisible as possible so that I'm capturing people being as authentic as possible. 



If you run a pre-school, nursery or after school club and are looking for a different style of "school" photography then let me come to you for a few hours to take photos of the kids at play. It's more relaxing for them and you'll get photos of them being themselves without any forced smiles or awkward positioning. 

It's a great way for you to earn some fundraising as you will get a % from all the sales of prints and digital images.

This style of fundraising could work for events too, so not restricted to schools. 

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