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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

During the Lockdowns of 2019 and 2020 we have all had to come to terms with missing out on personal things. Often, those things have been basic hugs from friends, or Sunday lunch or Friday Dinner at your parent's house. This basic need of human existence to share a social and interactive life with other humans was taken away from us by COVID19 pandemic.

I have found that in my lowest and darkest times, I have always found solace in helping other people; doing something positive for other people always makes me feel uplifted and leaves me with a strong sense of community spirit. I live in a small village called Flamstead, in Hertfordshire, and several years ago a group of volunteers set up a charity to raise funds to support members of the local community affected by serious illness. During the pandemic, the volunteers of The Wish Tree Charity have worked tirelessly to help residents who needed shopping collected, or needed taxing somewhere.

On 12th April 2021, the UK Government lifted the "stay at home" legal status enabling us to move with a little more freedom. I decided that from this date, throughout the Easter Holidays, I would offer villagers the opportunity to have a family portrait taken in their garden or on the doorstep. The cost of the photo sessions was £10, 100% of the monies going to The Wish Tree. I secured sponsorship with CTG Group, a business also in the village, who is price matching everything we raise.

The idea was to create a photo that either showed what lockdown life has been like, whether that just be sharing time with loved ones, or dressing up and showing how fun life can be, or creating a "life in lockdown scene".

We have had such a wonderful response, even people donating who have not been able to book in a photoshoot. The photographs have been shared on our village Facebook page, and votes have been counted by how many "likes" a photograph gets. The family of the winning photograph will win all their photos edited. All the families have the opportunity to download their images on my website, of these downloads, 50% will go to The Wish Tree.

The voting was open from Thursday 15th April until Sunday 18th April at 6pm. Here is a short Behind The Scenes of our two week photography.....

These are the entries of the seven families. Voting is taking place on the Flamstead and Village Network Facebook Group that is open to all local villagers. The compilation shows some of my favourites, the single photo is the client's favourite.

It was a very close competition for first (116 votes) and second place (94 votes), but I can announce that the winner is the Lally Family!! It really was a great effort by the Lally's who had set out their entire Lockdown life outside their front door. Absolutely brilliant! Here is the winning picture...

If you are in Hertfordshire, or even London based, please get in touch if you'd like a relaxed and informl family portrait taken. You can contact me by email at

Happy Days!

Emma x

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