Heavenly Lavender Farm | Hitchin

Last year I had scribbled on a post-it note that I would visit Hitchin Lavender Farm, a 30 acre farm in Hitchin, just north west of Stevenage. The blooms are only full during July, so my window of opportunity was quite small, that coupled with my worry about going outside during COVID really made it difficult for me to find time to go.

Roll forward twelve months and I am chomping at the bit to find places to go and to find interesting subjects to photograph after 18 months of COVID restrictions! I am now double vaccinated and the country is slowly opening up again, so I had no excuses this time around.

The Farm is easy to get to from my house, it was about a half hour or so drive and tickets can be booked online. I have a great weather app called CLEAR OUTSIDE so I kept an eye on that for a dry and sunny day - thankfully we did have a few this month! The slots are for three hours, to be fair I was exhausted after photographing for three hours, but I really could have stayed all day.

Tickets were easy to buy online, but with the booking fee my ticket ended up being £9.14 which was a bit of a difference from the advertised "Adults from £6". Plus as I was taking photographs, I was charged an additional £50 on top of the entrance fee. That is purely an honesty thing as no one questioned me when I was there, which was slightly disappointing as I guess I wanted to feel someone acknowledged the fact that I was being so honest! Although that might say more about me than about the management at Hitchin Lavender.....

I was delighted to see Alan Farmer painting the Lavender Fields in oils, it really was a Quintessential British countryside scene. Thanks to Alan for allowing me to take his portrait.

After the allowed three hours of my session was up, staff wearing high vis jackets wandered around the main field ushering visitors out, ready for the next set of visitors.

It's a great place for everyone to visit, easy and well managed parking, easy ground to walk up and down the fields, dogs are allowed, cafe and toilets on site or bring your own picnic. The wildflowers are out all summer, the lavender end June into July and then sunflowers in August. So whenever you visit over the summer holidays you will be amongst some stunning scenery.

There are lots of small honey bees that are so gentle, and a variety of butterflies so it's a great place for young wildlife explorers!

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Hope you enjoy viewing my photos!

Emma x

Hitchin Lavender Farm:

Cadwell Farm, Ickleford, Hitchin

Hertfordshire, SG5 3UA

01462 434343


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