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I absolutely love the summer months, especially following the flower seasons... June for Poppy fields, July for Lavender fields and August for Sunflower fields. By September it's all gone and we spend our time looking forward to next summer!

During August I've been on the hunt for sunflower fields. They bloom at their peak mid-end August and by early September the petals start to wilt and the flowers start to seed. I like to see them either on a sunny day or at golden hour as the sun is just setting.

I visited three different venues, all fairly near to my home base just outside Harpenden, Hertfordshire, to enjoy the beauty of sunflowers en masse. Enjoy my 6.5minute video from these venues and a look at some of my images.

This video shares with you three separate locations:

1. Stevington Windmill, Bedfordshire.

Location is just off J13 of the M1 at Windmill Farm in Stevington. WhatThreeWords ///issued.overdone.crown

I had specifically gone to take photos of the sunflowers right infant of a restored post mill. In fact the only fully restored windmill in Buckinghamshire. It is located on Windmill Farm, which is just the perfect name! Sadly the morning I arrived, the farmer had mowed down all the sunflowers with his tractor, so the ground was strewn with sunflowers. I was so disappointed, but totally understood why he did this as he needed to get the harvest in. I was quite intimidated by the combine harvester and totally understood why you would not want children running around the sunflower field that was right next to the wheat field. I managed to take a few photos of the wheat before it was harvested.

Definitely worth checking this venue for August 2022, and visit before the wheat harvest!

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2. Rothampsted Research Centre, Hertfordshire.

Location just near Rothhampsted Park in a small field part of the Research facility in Harpenden.

You can walk around the field, but not through it. I didn't notice this field in 2020, so I'm not sure whether it was a one of test as part of the agricultural research that is carried out in Rothampsted. However, it was really beautiful and some of the largest sunflower heads I've seen ever. I was here for golden hour and watched the sunsetting behind the trees, the golden orange glow was so pretty over the flowers and something a little different from the bright yellow you would normally see. This was open with no entrance fee, just don't walk into the sunflowers, only walk around the edge of the field.

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3. The Pop-up-Farm, Hertfordshire

Location on the round about at J9 of the M1, this is a privately owned farm with an entrance fee.

They also have a pumpkin farm in October. There is a large barn with other activities, so great for families with young children. There is a pathway marked out and a one way system, along the path you'll find quirky props such as a pommel horse, a vintage tractor, an upright piano, a roll top bath and some enormous tractor tyres!

I visited here a few times, and one of the occasions was as an official location for my portrait photography. There is an additional fee to pay if you are there in a professional capacity.

A really wonderful day out for all ages.


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Hope you loved our sunflowers, all our landscapes images can be purchased as digital images, prints or gifts. We are available to be booked for family groups or individual portrait photography, and of course pawtraits of your favourite four-legged friends.

Emma x

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