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Marden Quarry

Marden Quarry Nature Reserve is about half a mile walk from Cullercoats Metro station, or you can drive straight there and park in the small car park NE25 8PN.  Marden Quarry operated for almost 200 years, cutting out the natural limestone that is the bedrock of our region. In 1961 the site was leased by the Duke of Northumberland to the local water company to use as a stand-by reservoir with 35 million gallons in the 40foot depth pit. However, the hardness and bacterial condition of the water meant treatment would be expensive. In the 1970s it was agreed the Duke would hand over the quarry to the council, on provision it would be used for leisure purposes. Marden Quarry Park and Nature Reserve was opened on 22nd Nov 1977 by Princess Margaret. 

We will use this walk to practise our landscape photography, especially discussing apertures and composition. It could be advantageous to bring a tripod, but not essential, however if you need to borrow one I have a spare.

Booking is essential and please message me if you need a lift from anywhere..

MArden Quarry 7th Jan 2022.JPG
Seaton Sluice


1. Your camera - that is ESSENTIAL - whatever you are familiar using. I am not a camera technician so please have a good understanding of all the functions, or at least an idea of how to use your camera. 

2. Tripod is advantageous, but not essential.

3. Snacks and drinks, and any medication such as inhalers or epi-pens.

4. Walking clothes and sturdy walking shoes.



1. Chat, conversation and a friendly and safe environment to walk with other photography enthusiasts who are looking to share ideas and learn new things. It doesn't matter what level you are at.

2. To enjoy yourself and learn some new skills to improve your photography and hopefully get you out of 100% automatic.


The walks will be along gravel pathways or footpaths, so you will require good walking shoes and be aware that pathways can be uneven and slippy. I would recommend you have a purpose designed camera bag to keep your equipment safe, ad wear clothing that will enable you to sit or kneel, if you are able. Sometimes the ground can be wet and muddy if we've had a lot of rain. I will only cancel the event if it is pouring with rain, or we have had a deluge and the pathways are too slippy. Each walk will have its own Risk Assessment.


The walks will be around 2 hours duration, although we will be stopping quite a bit on our route. It will only be about 2-3km of actual walking. There are usually no toilets on the walks, or places to purchase refreshments, so please plan ahead! Bring bottled water to keep hydrated, and if you have any allergies, please advise me and bring with you your inhaler or epi-pen. I am a qualified First Aider, so can offer immediate assistance, but we will not be near a hospital for emergency care.

I do have Public Liability Insurance, but please note that you are responsible for your own safety and equipment on this walk, but I will do all I can to make sure it is fun, educational and safe!

Cancellation policy:

If you are a no-show on the day it will incur 100% loss of the total booking fee of £8.

If you advise me you cannot attend within 48 hours of the booking, I will transfer you to a new date.

No refunds are given once booking confirmed unless I cancel the event for a personal reason.

If I have to cancel due to awful (eg. storms/torrential rain) weather, then I will move the session to a new date.


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