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what's your PERSONAL BRAND?

Photography is all about telling a story. 


What is your story? What do you want your customers to know about you and how do you want to come across to them? Maybe you have already written all the content for your website, but you need images to go with it. Your brand identity is the framework of everything that you communicate to your customers and tells the story of you, your product and your journey. 


That, in essence, is Personal Brand photography, a visual representation of what your brand identity is all about. It can elevate your brand so that your online presence reflects you and your business. The more honest and authentic your images, the better first impression your customers will have. The key is building an audience and a connection with your customers. And as we know, first impressions count. A Personal Brand photography session can show your true personality, build trust and credibility with your clients and give them just a bit more of yourself to help build a strong connection.

Who is it for? Personal Branding is all about you, so this is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I work with people to help build their own confidence, so don't worry if you are nervous about having your photo taken, the whole session will be fun, relaxing and creative.


Our various packages give you the flexibility to decide what you want out of your photography sessions and are designed to give you a broad selection of images that you can then use in all printed matter and on all social media platforms.


Take a read of our Blog post that will give you a few tips on what to think about for posing and clothing.



Events & Retreats

A great way to document your event, capturing behind the scenes photographs of individuals and the event itself.



Based on hourly rate of first hour £145, each hour thereafter £80. Prices exclude travel costs, but include all images.

Half Day rates (4 hours) £425

Full Day rates (8 hours) £695



Simple or Creative headshots outdoor our at location, just let me know what you need.


20 mins £75, max 2 images


60 mins £145, max 15 images


Personal Brand

Creating an authentic portfolio of photographs that represent you and your brand in an authenic and honest way. This is more involved as we will need to discuss your needs, location and possible shoot senarios. Prices include all images.




Minimum booking is 2 hours £225

Half Day rates (4 hours) £425

Full Day rates (8 hours) £695


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