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Mastering Instagram and Smartphone Photography: a fun, interactive & informative workshop!

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead of the game is essential. If you've ever found yourself wondering how to make the most of Instagram or how to capture breathtaking moments with your smartphone, two exciting workshops are here to guide you through the process. Join Helen Arnold from H Social Agency and myself for an interactive and enriching experience that promises to enhance both your Instagram presence and your photography skills.

Instagram Unleashed with Helen Arnold & Smartphone Photography Magic with Emma Solomon

Helen Arnold, a seasoned expert from H Social Agency, invites you to delve into the intricacies of Instagram during an hour-long session. Discover the secrets to crafting an engaging feed, optimising your online presence, and navigating the platform like a pro. From hashtag strategies to captivating captions, Helen will cover it all to help you unlock the full potential of Instagram for personal and professional success.

Following the Instagram immersion, I will take the reins for an hour dedicated to transforming your smartphone into a powerful photographic tool. Learn the art of capturing stunning images with just your phone, covering essential photography principles such as composition, lighting, and framing. My knowledge and experience will empower you to create visually appealing content that stands out in the digital crowd.

We have two dates for our workshops: North Tyneside and Northumberland:

Date: Monday, 29th January Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: The Boatyard, Cullercoats, North Tyneside

Date: Wednesday, 28th February Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: The Black & Grey, Morpeth, Northumberland

Why Attend Our Workshops?

  1. Comprehensive Social Media Mastery: Combine Helen's insights into Instagram with Emma's photography expertise for a comprehensive approach to enhancing your online presence.

  2. Interactive Learning: These workshops are not your typical lectures. Expect interactive sessions where you actively engage with the material and receive hands-on guidance.

  3. Tailored Expertise: Benefit from the unique perspectives of both Helen and Emma, who bring their expertise in social media strategy and photography, respectively, to the table.

Booking Information

Secure your spot for these transformative workshops now! Spaces are limited, and each workshop is priced at £65 per person. Visit to book your place and embark on a journey to mastering Instagram and smartphone photography, or scan the QR code below.

In a world where social media plays a pivotal role in personal and professional growth, these workshops are your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Instagram. Let Helen and me guide you through a fun, interactive, and informative experience that will undoubtedly elevate your digital presence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to leverage the power of Instagram and capture stunning moments with your smartphone!

A few images from our last workshop in Newcastle:

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