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Bluebell Photography in North Tyneside

During May we are lucky to have these wonderful bluebells growing that make for gorgeous backdrops for all family photography.

North Tyneside isn't really known for it's ancient woodland, which is where English Bluebells like to grow. The season is usually beginning-end of May, dependant on weather. What makes our bluebells so special is that their flowers grow on only one side of the stem, so they naturally droop over.

There are spots though that have masses of Spanish Bluebells, these are grander and brighter than our natural English Bluebells. Their flowers grow on all sides of the stem, they grow straight and tall. To find carpets bluebells we need to step into Northumberland - notably Plessey Woods and Bluebell Woods in Morpeth, but there are a few gems of places that have stunning Spanish Bluebells, and I for one love them!

Our sessions are half hour, just enough to take a few shots in different parts of the woodland. I include all the digital images plus a 12x8" print with mount. You can book online with one of the sessions below, which are usually 4pm and 5pm weekdays, and a few slots on the weekend. If you have a specific time you are looking for, then just message me.  Each half hour session is £145.00 payable in advance.

It makes for a perfect fairy garden photoshoot, so dressing up for that is essential!

I have a very relaxed and calm presence on set and my editing style has a slight darker tone.

Would love to hear from you so drop me a message here, or book direct through our booking system to get your session confirmed.


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