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The Viking Invaders | Tynemouth

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When I heard about a small photographer's gathering on Tynemouth beach to photograph "Vikings" dressed in historically accurate costume, I was both excited and intrigued! Organised by Newcastle photographer Phil Punton Photography with members of the Historical Combat Company, about 11 Vikings and 22 photographers descended onto Longsands Beach just below the Grand Hotel for a photoshoot with a difference.

It was an invitation only event so I was delighted to be a part of it. The two lead vikings were Jez Hunt and Anna Sargent (who had her three month old baby there too) with various other members of the viking family including David Silk, Alison Lewis, Cat Lewis, Aiden Carr and Lynne Mackey. Jez looked everything like I'd imagined a viking to be, and makes all his own leather work via Etsy as Ancestor Leathercraft. All the costumes were superb.

There were a mixture of scene set ups on the rocks with the North Sea as a back drop, as well as a Viking village with children and grandparents. There were fighters and archers, and women warriors. The group charge towards us photographers was quite dramatic! I loved the fact that there were powerful women within the Viking group. An article written in 2017 shared findings from Sweden of a female viking warrior burial ground - proving that women could in fact fight alongside their men.

Fantastic the story made ITV Tyne Tees local news!

Delighted to share with you my images from the day, hope you enjoy them!

Emma x


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