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Updated: Apr 10

Taking portraits of people on location is probably one of the most enjoyable things for me.

I often find people are not so relaxed when they have to sit or stand still in a photo studio, or try to follow the guidelines after reading a "how to pose" blog post. I remember having a family photo taken with all the siblings and cousins, it was so forced and uncomfortable I remember as a 16 year old hating every moment. I promised myself I would never put anyone else through that! All my portrait sessions are outdoors, they are relaxed, informal and as creative as you want them to be.


The only thing I would advise about portraits is what to do with your hands. They are one of those forgotten things and can sometimes makes the final image look unusual without you actually knowing what's wrong. I myself have an odd quirk in that I tend to bend my fingers and keep my index finger straight - it just looks odd and who knows why I do it! So my best advice is to just shake your hands and relax them, put them somewhere comfortable, maybe in a jeans pocket so that your arms have a bend. This is. especially good for group photos when whole hands and indeed arms can disappear amongst a group of people. Creating angles and interesting shapes with your body also work well - I'm not thinking of you all being contortionists - rather bend an arm, or a leg rather than have straight limbs, or turn to a slight angle so that your not flat and 2D on the final photo. The body is a beautiful shape, so have fun with showing off your angles!


Knowing your "best side" is always good. Unless we're blessed at birth with the beauty of a super model, then we all have a good and a bad side. If you don't know what your's is, take a few selfies and see which side you prefer. You probably already pose with your best side showing without actually realising it.


I can't say this enough, relax, relax, relax. Just enjoy it! Jump up and down and shake out all that nervous energy. A photo shoot is meant to be fun, it's showing you in your best light and creating something that can be used professionally or cherished by loved ones. My style is definitely relaxed, as a photographer I just want everyone to feel relaxed and at ease.


Anywhere can be a photo studio - indoors or outdoors. Photography is all about chasing the light - direct bright light is actually not that great as it casts shadows and can make everything too over exposed. However, by changing the positioning and angling of the shot, we can work around all types of light conditions.


I often hear people saying they can change that or delete that in photoshop. I'm not a big fan of destructive photography, ie, changing so much about the image it looses it's authenticity. However, I am a big fan of Adobe Lightroom so am happy to soften skin or alter the lighting to accentuate a shape or angle. The aim is to get as much right when we take the photo - so if there is something in the background you don't want in the shot, remove it before we get started!


A three hour photo shot in various locations within London will give you a good five sets of photos. The number of final edited images will depend on the day itself, so if we only shoot for two hours, then I can spend more of my time in the editing room and give you more finished images. Our portrait packages start from £250 and can be purchased via our shop or by contacting me directly at hello@emmasolomonphotography.co.uk

This is our most recent shoot for a film student wanting creative images for her portfolio, in varying b&w and colour images, with different poses, clothing and hair. Scroll through to see all five.

Let me know what you think!

Emma x

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