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Instagram Workshops 

2024 Instagram & Photography Workshop.jpg

I’ve teamed up with Social Media manager, Helen Arnold, to host a workshop geared for those who use instagram as a business tool.


The emphasis of the workshop will be how to use instagram to increase your organic reach, and how to take better photos with your phone. There will be an opportunity to network with other like-minded business people.


Photography is vital for your instagram feed, and humans take less then 7 seconds to make an emotional decision as to whether they like you or not, if you don’t have a good photograph, they will just keep scrolling. I’ll give you tips and tricks on how to take better photos, just using your phone.


Learning all of instagram’s algorithms is an impossible task, however, there are a number of essential pointers you need to know in order to improve your organic reach. Helen will guide you through the best strategy to increase your reach and show you how to best make use of instagram for business.


Our next workshop is on WEDNESDAY 10th July:

5:30-8pm: Alnwick. Full address details confirmed on booking.


Full session price of £65 per person. 

To book a ticket, please order here: Instagram Workshop

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