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HOW to Guide | Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Feb 26

A couple holding each other, the man behind and his pregnant wife in front, standing on the  shoreline at Seaton Sluice beach
Jo & Andrew

Jo & Andrew, due August 2022.

It's so exciting being a new parent, as this is such a special time for you and your family. Whether if it's your first baby, or an addition to your family, it's such a precious time so it is wonderful to celebrate and remember this moment forever, so you get to treasure this incredible moment.

Pregnancy is not just about the mother, the session will celebrate the whole family unit and will treasure the love and will be something you can have forever. My main priority for the shoot though has to be for the happiness and welfare of mum, so we take things slowly and are guided by how much energy mum has and what she feels comfortable doing.


When should we book?

30-34 weeks pregnant is a good time - large enough for a big bump, but not too close to due date. The most important thing is that the mum feels comfortable and are safe, so we work around how she feels on the day. Once you are happy to go ahead and book in, you can take advantage of our three tier payment scheme. Details of this are explained on our Maternity page.

What is the Best Time of Day?

Golden Hour - is always the best light. So at least an hour or more before sunset to get the best light. I am based on the East coast of England, so we will never get a wonderful sunset, but the soft light of the setting sun is just beautiful. And if we can, we'll go down to the beach - but obviously that is weather dependent. Not sure anyone wants a photoshoot on the beach in January in the North East!

Sunrise - being on the East coast means we do get beautiful sunrises. Again, on the beach, if you are an early bird, I am happy to book in and watch the sunrise with you. For sunrise, we can capture the golden flow from the sun rising once it's above the horizon like this one of Charlotte & Paul on Longsands, or the one below as a silhouette.

A couple standing together on Longsands beach Tynemouth, the husband holding his pregnant wife, with St Georges Church in the background photographed at sunrise
Charlotte & Paul

a silhouette at sunrise of pregnant lady standing and her partner kneeling on the beach at Longsands, Tynemouth
Charlotte & Paul - sunrise silhouette

What's the best place for inspiration?

I'd always say go to Pinterest, but be realistic. If you live in North Tyneside we can't recreate a Californian sunset.... but it is a good starting point. If you see a pose or an item of clothing, then pin it. I am happy to try anything, so long as you feel comfortable.

What should we wear?

Comfort for mum is the top priority. Then, for me as a photographer, it's about finding a really lovely shape of the bump. For the mum, a pretty flowing dress works well, so that the soft flow fabric can wrap itself around the bump. If you prefer a more bodycon dress, then well fitting underwear would show off the baby bump shape even better.

Think about footwear - unless we are shooting in the Autumn/Winter when it's quite cold, maybe have just bare feet.

Cohesiveness with partner is important, so if you are dressed in a floaty beach vibe dress with bare feet, then your partner is best suited in simple t-shirt, shorts and bare feet to compliment.

How to present yourself?

Hair & Makeup is as important - but just be yourself. My style is very relaxed and I rarely manipulate my images. I would say think about long hair styles. We are usually outside and it can be windy, so maybe tie it back or bring bobby clips if we need a quick fix on the day.

Skin or no skin? This is completely up to you, but we will shooting outside in public places.

Accessories - think about jewellery and make sure that the pieces you have are simple and not taking over the outfit. A big chunky necklace wouldn't work, so simplicity here is key. If you have a watch, choose one that is "smart" rather than a sports watch you wear running.

Props - flowers, baby shoes, letter blocks and such are all really cute. If this is the style you want we can work around this, but will probably need more planning to find the best location.

Posing Tips

The photo shoot is to highlight the beautiful baby bump, so this is the priority. Think about hand positions and if possible have at least one hand under or on top of the bump. And for men, if you have a loose hand, pop it in your pocket, it forms a lovely angled shape to your body, rather than a flat dangling arm. Maybe try a few poses in the mirror - it could be quite a fun activity especially if you have siblings you want to bring to the shoot.

A pregnant lady standing on Seaton Sluice beach with the sea behind
Jo at almost fullterm, Seaton Sluice beach


Bring plenty of water and snacks, just in case. Depending on the season and where we are, you might need a cardie for cool evenings, or warmer clothing for winter shoots. I always bring a waterproof picnic blanket with me to sit on if needed.

The shoot itself will be about an hour, but we could be out at least 1.5 hours. I will check the weather continuously and confirm the morning - sometimes we have to postpone a day or so as no one wants to be photographed in the rain!


Email me at and let me know your due date, and let me know a couple of days that you are free between your 30-34 weeks. The later the better to show the biggest bump. We will aim for the first date and if the weather is good we will shoot, but if the weather is awful, we will aim for the second date.

If you are to cancel for any reason, it will be lost of deposit. All the details for prices and what is included in the session can be found on our Maternity page.

Happy Times with your beautiful baby BUMP!!

Emma x


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